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Boys' Soccer

Elite Boys' Prep School Soccer

At Northwood School, boys' soccer players can get involved with the sport on several different levels. We offer an elite boys' soccer team, and in partnership with the Black Rock Football Club, we also have the first residential soccer academy in the northeast region.

If you're looking for a high school soccer academy or if you simply want to play recreational soccer at a prep school, we have the right program for your needs. Take a look at why many people consider us to be the best soccer high school in the United States.

Comprehensive Support for Student-Athletes

Our students don't have to choose between being a successful soccer player or a successful student — at Northwood School, we know both are possible and nurture our student-athletes with comprehensive support on the soccer field and in the classroom.

Although our elite boys' soccer program has only been around for a few seasons, we have already finished #2 in the nation, and we look forward to watching our boys' team earn more accolades. In addition to their success on the field, our players also enjoy the benefits of a high-quality college-preparatory boarding school environment.

Year-Round Training for Boys' Soccer Players

Many boarding schools limit their soccer programs to a single season, but we prefer to give our boys' soccer players the experience of a high school soccer academy. In this vein, we offer year-round training and competition to our elite boys' soccer players.

Benefits of our programs include the following:

  • Periodization training model which involves planned, systematic changes in training variables and intensity in ways that maximize performance in sync with competition schedules
  • Access to state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor training facilities
  • Full-time athletic trainers and strength-and-conditioning coaches on campus
  • Leadership training
  • Soccer exchange programs with a global service component
  • College placement mentoring
  • Consultation with registered FIFA agents for representation and/or professional club trials

Residential Soccer Academy

In collaboration with the Black Rock Football Club, we host the northeast region's very first residential soccer academy / boarding school. When players are chosen for the Black Rock program, they attend Northwood School, live on our diverse campus, and train daily throughout the academic year from August through June.

2021 BRFC Residential Academies Prospectus

Many of our residential soccer players have gone on to play at the university or club level, and have the potential to pursue a professional soccer career.

Competitive Prep School Soccer

We break the year into two seasons for our elite boys' soccer team: fall and winter/spring. In the fall, our boys' soccer team plays against the best prep schools in the area as well as other boarding and high schools.

Then, in the winter and spring, the competition becomes more fierce as we play against the country's top domestic and international club teams. We also play youth academy teams that are affiliated with professional teams such as the Philadelphia Union, the New York Red Bulls, and the New York Football Club.

To get a sense of the intensity of our season, check out our boys' soccer schedule.

Exposure to Soccer Recruiters

In addition to our competitive boys' soccer schedule, we also go to showcases in places such as Dallas and Las Vegas to optimize our players' exposure to college and professional recruiters. Often hosting over 200 college coaches, these events tend to be very successful for our players, and at a recent event in Las Vegas, two of our players were offered D1 college scholarships.

Team-Centered Approach

Whether Northwood School is their last stop or the launching point for a soccer career, our players all benefit from our team-centered approach. Playing on a team helps student-athletes improve their communication skills, increase their self-esteem, practice discipline, learn to control their emotions, and develop leadership skills.

With players from 19 different countries, the team at Northwood School is also one of the most diverse teams from a northeast prep school, and this level of multiculturalism enhances our players' personal and athletic experiences even further.

In our elite soccer program, we focus on team-building activities that improve how our players work together on the field as well as how they communicate off the field.

Northwood School Boys' Soccer Coaches

The coaches of the boys' soccer program are dedicated to the development of individual players and the team as a whole. They bring decades of experience to the program, and under their leadership, the Northwood Boys' Soccer Team has thrived.

Jon Moodey, Program Director

Founder of former CEO of the Black Rock Football Club, Coach Moodey has over 20 years of experience coaching soccer, and as the Head Coach at Berkshire School, he won three National Prep Championships in just 11 years. In his first year at Northwood School, he led the team to the number two spot in the nation.

Kelvin Martinez, Head Coach

In addition to working with the boys' soccer team, Coach Martinez plays multiple roles at Northwood, serving as Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Recruitment and as a Spanish teacher. Originally from Honduras, Coach Martinez has been playing soccer most of his life, and he has coached at other prep schools.

A Successful Soccer Experience at Northwood School

The most successful players in our boys' soccer program exhibit the following strengths:

  • Being an engaged member of the team
  • A growth-based (I can do it!) mindset
  • A strong commitment to developing athletic abilities and refining soccer skills
  • Training equally hard as a team, in small groups, and on an individual level
  • Competing with character, always winning graciously, and never being a sore loser
  • Developing resilience on the field and in the rest of life's challenges
  • Delighting in the simple joys of the world's game

Join One of the Best Soccer Schools in the USA

If your child aspires to play soccer on a college or professional level, they need the demanding schedule, year-round training, elite competition, and exposure to recruiters offered by our elite soccer program. Our boys' soccer team plays against some of the best teams in the country, and although many teams come from larger schools, we rise to the challenge and often surpass their quality of play.

Whether you want to play at the highest levels of this sport or just want to develop skills, our soccer program has a place for you. At Northwood School, we are committed to helping our students develop healthy minds and bodies, and we have an active student body that enjoys not just sports but all the activities available in the surrounding mountains of the Olympic Village of Lake Placid, and the Adirondack Park.

Ready to learn more about our elite boys' soccer program or to talk about the other advantages of attending Northwood School? Then contact us today. We look forward to making your student a member of our elite athletic and academic family.