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Entrepreneurial Studies

Make Your Interests Your Career

Northwood's Entrepreneurial Studies course provides students with the knowledge and experiences to transform a passion project into a successful business. In addition to gaining a better understanding of economic theory, Entrepreneurial Studies students learn the common traits of successful enterprises from small businesses to multi-national corporations. 

Like all of Northwood's Signature Academic Programs,  the coursework for Entrepreneurial Studies extends beyond traditional textbooks and outside of its classroom walls. In addition to gaining first-hand experience by helping local companies execute their business plans, students work in groups to create their own business models. In the first trimester, the course will cover some of the basics of entrepreneurial management, marketing, and finance needed to launch new businesses. Students will acquire a toolkit for identifying and forming a new venture including creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication. In the second trimester, students will have the opportunity to take their concepts, turn them into business plans, and deliver on new technologies, products, and services. In the third trimester, Northwood students working in small groups will partner with local entrepreneurs and businesses to develop solutions to existing problems. Teamwork will be critical as the answers to these issues will not be found in a book. Students will utilize the various strengths of their teammates to create sophisticated solutions validated through research, interviews, and field work.

Entrepreneurial Studies encapsulates the values of our mission and is one of the vehicles used by Northwood students to distinguish themselves in the college admission process. The vital skills gained in this course serve as a critical piece of the foundation which allows our graduates to lead lives of consequence.  


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