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Peak Pathways Program

Launching in September 2023, the Peak Pathways Program is Northwood’s exciting next level iteration of our wildly successful Independent Initiatives. In the Peak Pathways Program students will complete a two-semester, self-designed and self-directed, in-depth learning exploration of a topic or field of interest that aligns to their future aspirations.  

  • Students will attend a regularly occurring course with a cohort of students that share a similar interest. 
  • Students will be supported through the process by an in-house faculty member (a guide). 
  • Students will engage with external mentors** (in a variety of formats) and will make real world connections. 
  • Students complete a project of their own design and produce a final product and/or performance. 
  • Twice a year, students will reflect on their progress both on their projects (referencing the Peak Pathways: Quality & Rigor Rubric) and the program (referencing the goals of the program) through student-led conferences. 

This rigorous approach will result in students who can successfully navigate a rapidly changing world. Specifically, students will know how to nurture and leverage their strengths to create value in the world and who know how to self-direct their learning and continually upskill themselves.  

Specific Goals of the Program:  

  1. Equip Northwood students with the mindsets, understanding, toolsets, and processes to be expert learners (learn how to learn anything) in the age of largely open-source learning experiences and educational disruption. 

  2. Empower Northwood students with the freedom to select and deeply explore a field or career interest.

  3. Support Northwood students to further develop a compelling and personalized vision of success including self-knowledge including realistic self-appraisal of skill level & field knowledge and self-awareness of strengths, needs, and interests. 

  4. Build Northwood students’ capacity to self-direct their learning including designing a personalized learning pathway (goals, guiding questions, and milestones) and connecting with high quality resources to support their learning. 

  5. Build Northwood students’ capacity to manage their independent workflow and complete multi-step projects.

  6. Build Northwood students’ professional and social networks.

  7. Connect Northwood students with relevant and meaningful real-world opportunities. 

  8. Differentiate Northwood students from other students in the world through their selected pathways.

  9. Inspire Northwood students with confidence and skills that are highly transferable to new contexts, so that they can thrive in a rapidly changing future 

*Peak Pathways will be a graduation requirement for students in grades 11, 12, & PG, unless the student is enrolled in the Global Culture & Language Lab. 9th/10th grade students may be eligible to participate. Their participation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Examples of Possible Peak Pathways Projects 

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